Port of Vancouver

Sea School Field Trips are designed to give students an at-sea learning experience. Trips focus on the marine environment and connect students with the activities, nature and wildlife on Indian Arm, Burrard Inlet and Vancouver Harbour. On board Oceanwatch, or Oceanwatch II, students will have a fun, safe, educational, and unique marine adventure.


 Come and explore the waters and islands of Indian Arm. You will

 experience the natural beauty of a fjord including waterfalls and

 marine wildlife.  Your students will also learn about the history of

 the area including First Nations pictograph sites and the historic

 Bunzten Power Stations.


 Visit the Port Moody or Vancouver Harbours and learn how the port

 functions.  Examine environmental issues, including transportation of

 goods, shipping and the many activities in and around the port. Students

 will learn how the many products that they use in their lives come from

 abroad, through the Port of Vancouver, and eventually make their way

 on to the shelves of stores.

Sea School Field Trips start at $20 per student. Trips are custom made to fit your interests, schedule, and budget. Contact us for pricing details and activity plans.

First Nations pictograph


 in partnership with Takaya Tours

 Experience a cultural guided tour of Indian Arm in the

 traditional territory of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. Explore the

 traditions aboard Oceanwatch, with experienced Tsleil-

 Waututh guides. The options of a guided canoe tour or

 authentic First Nations meal can be added.

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